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Let me tell you a story about my dust pile… is a collaboration between myself and Morgan Kinne, which began in March 2014. Our first show was in June as part of the Embassy Galleries Annuale Event. We had a lot of positive feedback about the show which is documented in the review of the Embassy Annuale event. From that show we have produced a series of prints of the objects and events which took place, and the main image above shows one of these prints hanging in the RSA Open 2014.

a-n review

Let me tell you a story about my dust pile…

After producing the large sculptural piece I have decided to create an animation. The beds from s-21 are visually interesting but I am very aware that they are so heavily engrained in place that they cannot be removed from the site. They have taking on all the memories the structure holds and the common identity that comes along with it.

The animation was a long laborious process of stop frame animation mixed with metal work to give the appearance that the bed was sinking into the structure that was supporting it, trapping it in place unable to move or be removed.