Monthly Archives: March 2014

Brad Troemel’s article which calls for a new form of distribution for art is an interesting concept. Turning to the internet to reach a larger audience. However the notion of ‘free art’ means exactly that, giving it away for free online. I can understand the thinking of this, he argues that art as a commodity is a secondary attribute and the exchange of knowledge is the primary. It is extremely competitive in the art world especially with hundreds of art graduates getting added to the mix every year in Scotland. This has allowed galleries and arts organisation to ask for volunteer labour, making this one of the few professions that expects you to work for free. Its quite hard to take this on bored when you invest so much time and effort into your practice to be told that you won’t be reimbursed or even paid., Right now I am paying huge amounts of money for an MFA degree without any form of security for when I leave. This is a labour of love but it is still a form of labour, yet its an unpaid one.