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Materials have been ordered and have begun to take shape.

frame 2

The framework is starting to take shape here. This is the beginning of a new set of experiments stemming from my experience of Japan. While there I came across concrete coated rock surfaces, this is an attempt to reduce the problems created by shifting land masses through natural disasters. I became increasingly interested in this quiet battle happening while the rest of the population go about their business. Silently in the background the concrete battles against huge amounts of pressure.

This experiment reflects on this pressure, of two materials or objects battling against each other as they try to retain their existence.

During the holiday period I was lucky enough to spend a day in Alane Ortega’s Studio in Salisbury, Maryland with her and another artist Morgan Kinne. I got to use materials and methods I’ve never gotten to before. Shaping and cutting glass, constructing forms from these shapes, building up a structural object soldered together. The process is so satisfying, the need for concentration and awareness of the objects you’re working with has opened my eyes to how I can utilise this method in other works. In general this experience has taught me skills I need to know to progress my practice and widen my horizons.

edited DSC_0581


image-a66aa634d73bacd6cff3575b579dee00c496acb21b2b3127d90c6f7f34ab92cc-V image-e032ed681922abfdffd324e923fd27c24b2634f7f4da1718badee6a27df2a3db-V

Morgan Kinne

IMG-1417205475974-V DSC_0141

Let me tell you a story about my dust pile… is a collaboration between myself and Morgan Kinne, which began in March 2014. Our first show was in June as part of the Embassy Galleries Annuale Event. We had a lot of positive feedback about the show which is documented in the review of the Embassy Annuale event. From that show we have produced a series of prints of the objects and events which took place, and the main image above shows one of these prints hanging in the RSA Open 2014.

a-n review

Let me tell you a story about my dust pile…