Personal Research

Pre-gallery Prep. This is the same structure that was used in the Sealoft piece Japan Experiment No. 7, it does need some alterations for it to fit the purposes of the new experiment so I took it to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop were with some assistance from Joe Etchell the structure was made fit for purpose.

Opening on the 5th April 2019, this exhibition stems from my research from Japan with the Robert Callender Residency for Young Artists. In conjunction with ASCUS and the Edinburgh Science Festival.

This project will revolve around the rock surfaces I mentioned in an earlier post. The vertical surfaces I came across in Fukuoka coated in concrete and continuing on from the work at Sealoft in 2017.

The majority of the project will be done in situ, within the gallery space during the two weeks prior to the opening. I will document and post on this blog as I go.


Materials have been ordered and have begun to take shape.

frame 2

The framework is starting to take shape here. This is the beginning of a new set of experiments stemming from my experience of Japan. While there I came across concrete coated rock surfaces, this is an attempt to reduce the problems created by shifting land masses through natural disasters. I became increasingly interested in this quiet battle happening while the rest of the population go about their business. Silently in the background the concrete battles against huge amounts of pressure.

This experiment reflects on this pressure, of two materials or objects battling against each other as they try to retain their existence.