Monthly Archives: October 2014


A process which I have become a bit enamoured with is allowing plaster to soak into a drawn image and lifting it off and holding it on the face of the plaster. Above I have the first large cast version of this process. The image was drawn onto a piece of wood which was part of the shuttering, with a round bar frame with chains connected through it. The pencil marks are soaked up and imprinted in the plaster itself. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is find a way of translating the planning and processes I do into the final articles. This could be an interesting way of translating the process.

The transference of the past existence into the present is an important part of the very existence of this structure and something I believe this process can convey.



This is a larger construction, the shuttering mold on the left and the outcome on the right. I’ve always had an interest in the absence of presence within the structural spaces and the staircase is a great example of an interstitial space which not many people pay attention to. Its just a way to get from A to B. The staircases in S-21 are particularly haunting, with very little natural light and the inability to look past the next corner, they create an ominous sensation which I believe I have captured in this piece.