Monthly Archives: October 2015

Without any time to spare I went straight from Catania to Minneapolis to be part of the 10 chances residency. This residency brought myself and 5 other artists with varying backgrounds together, 3 from Scotland and 3 from America. Bringing together 6 very different art practices in to new surroundings.

This residency provided space and a connection with the surrounding art world without the added pressure of deadlines for fully formed work. This allowed me to be experimental and take the time to listen ad critique with others and my practice.

Two of us were housed in a small house with the living area provided working as a group studio for the 6 of us. The tight space coupled with the amazing surroundings led me to explore the new location and gather notes and document experiences as well. Leading to experimental works and on site mould making.

Film Experiment


While in Minneapolis I came across these stamps in the sidewalk. Dated and marked by different companies. I found these particularly interesting as they are exposed to the extreme spectrum of Minnesota weather, with extreme heat in the summer and an abundance of snow and cold in the winter. These conditions must have such a powerful impact on the concrete they are imprinted on. the degrading material needing to be replaced systematically to ensure safety. But it was these extreme elements which led me to produce these casts and will be looking to implement them in future works.

They are almost a frieze of the moment they were captured, a particular time in their lifeline. The exact make up of the shape and form relates to that time and date as it degrades daily and was well past its prime form on the day it  was made and set.

Also placing the impact, the forces that implement themselves upon the stamps has become and interest for me and I have begun working on ways of creating a symbolic recreation of this action. A force imparted upon an object.