Materials have been ordered and have begun to take shape.

frame 2

The framework is starting to take shape here. This is the beginning of a new set of experiments stemming from my experience of Japan. While there I came across concrete coated rock surfaces, this is an attempt to reduce the problems created by shifting land masses through natural disasters. I became increasingly interested in this quiet battle happening while the rest of the population go about their business. Silently in the background the concrete battles against huge amounts of pressure.

This experiment reflects on this pressure, of two materials or objects battling against each other as they try to retain their existence.


By far one of the most inspiring parts of my trip was coming face to face with some stunning zen garden’s I came across in Kyoto. This is just one example of these fantastically designed structures inside one of the temple structures on the Philosopher’s Walk.


I am in awe of their form and meaning. They are very similar to what I have been doing, creating little snippets using materials that will not stay in the form forced upon them.

They resonate with me greatly because of the questions I’ve been asking of my work and examining the meanings I’m developing in this project.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at Studio Kura, Itoshima in Fukuoka. This was vastly different from Kagoshima, trading in the busy and active atmosphere for the rural surroundings of Studio Kura. The facilities there ere wonderful, providing some authentic Japanese living while I continued to explore the cultural elements of Japan, experiencing the amazing delicacies and my first onsen.



Although Fukuoka is seen as being safe in regards to volcanic activity I felt it was important to continue to produce experiments with my casting kit in this location. Japan has a huge proportion of the worlds active volcanoes as well as hosting dormant and deceased volcano’s as well. This area may not have active volcano’s for the moment but the volcanic material still lines the soils and surroundings. This would come from far off distances, far reaching volcanoes depositing its ash here or finding it siting within the soil from many years ago.