Another year another Co2 project. Gosia and I decided to deviate from the format of our last Co2 venture and explore some new ideas. Unfortunately we had less time in the space than we did for our first Co2 so we decided to get creative. We obtained two old printers which were going to be thrown out and decided to see what we could do with them. We began by asking them to print straight forward black pages, and neither of them either decided or was capable to do so. The results were breathtaking.





It was at this point we realised that these printers could be seen either as a representation of us as artists or as the artists themselves. The printers were present at the opening after producing hundreds of prints each and were continuing to print throughout the opening. They were exhausting themselves and it was visible as the printing motions slowed and the colours in the images began to drain more and more creating fainter and fainter images.

The personified objects took on personality traits and morphed into actual people, with biographies and histories of there own and became autonomous from us.


Interview with the artist

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