Rendered Sound

The notion of combining sound with my own practice has hugely influenced my new experimental work. I’ve grown frustrated with the static constructions that people passively pass by. I don’t blame them for there reactions, I don’t consider them to be rude for not spending time to access the work. Its my duty as the artist to entice people to investigate further. That’s the direction I’m pushing forward in, I want people to want to stop and look, interact and question what they see.

All my work may not be interactive like experiment 41 or visibly time based like experiment 38 but I do want to expand my practice in any direction I feel fits the project and the subject matter. This piece by Zachory Eastwood-Bloom has reawakened me to the importance sound can have in art and how the visual can not only influence the sound but also create it. Experiment 41 was a successful piece in my eyes because of this visually produced sound. The sound recorded from the movement of the concrete created the physicality of the video documentation, hinting at an industrialised movement.  I can see sound being a huge player in my practice for years to come.

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