The Hidden Door Festival was a resounding success! Over the 9 days the vaults were transformed into a bustling creative space which highlighted the talent available within the capital. Exposing artists, performers, musicians, and many others working in other disciplines to a huge audience. To see how well it went I highly recommend having a look at the Hidden Door Festival website.

However, now that the Hidden Door Festival is over for this year it is time to look towards the next artistic endeavour on the Masters Calender which is ‘Fair’. Opening on the 30th April 2014 this ‘Art Fair’ allows us to work collaboratively in groups of 4 on projects that we have planned ourselves.

The idea of territory and the boundaries that keep us contained within geographical borders has changed and continues to change as we become more accustomed to the globalized world. In this year in particular where borders and ownership of land has been brought to the forefront of politics and cultural identity this project looks to highlight what we perceive our boundaries to be and how we interact with them. Ultimately this interactive piece looks to involve the audience without creating a political stance, instead opening up the debate for the audience to find their own opinion.

Ahland Press

The Nation of Ahland


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