Support Structures

An interesting Seminar, discussing the projects undertaken by Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli as Support Structures. The discussion lead more to the aspect of success and what constitutes success. However before divulging to far into that aspect I’ve added a link to the website, which has some great insight into the projects they developed:

Support Structures

The main question that arose about Support Structures was how successful was this project? but how do we measure success? Is success to do with the amount of people take part or visit? Its made me think of how I measure success when it comes to showing my own work.  I’ve always considered a show successful when its had a large amount traffic, exposing my work to a lot of people. However this hasn’t particularly effected my career. I am still in the same position I’ve been in for years. So perhaps it hasn’t been seen by the right people to further my career but I do hope that my work has had a positive effect on the people who have seen it.


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