Homage to New York

This idea has been playing on my mind for a while and I’ve started to set it in motion recently. Constructing a form of apparatus that will bend, break and destroy the concrete I suspended last semester and then try and find a way to document it.

This has come about after talking about scaling up some of my smaller maquettes. These maquettes have particular kinetic elements, namely a shifting levels, moving apart from each other. This idea comes directly from the ideas of decaying within the built environment and my research into new materialism. Modernist/brutalist structures like the one I’m dealing with often fall into disrepair and are destroyed and that is what I want to really look at with this piece. Its the notion of human intervention in the decaying process, speeding up or slowing it down. The tension as the concrete starts to crumble and will eventually collapse.

There is a particular example of a piece by Jean Tinguely that I feel really encapsulates these ideas, Homage to New York was a machine that within 27 minutes systematically destroyed itself, guests at the exhibition at MoMA then scavenged through the wreckage for souvenirs to take home. This “Homage” was a way to encapsulate the cities ability to deconstruct and reconstruct, which it continuously does.

I only became aware of this through the work of Michael Landy, his series of drawings h2ny illustrated the metamechanical sculpture, detailing all that could be salvaged from the grainy footage and photographs.

Tate Image

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