Sticky tape test

James and I had a little joke about this the other day. He says when he was in his undergrad they did a thing called ‘the sticky tape test’. Not sure if its a universal thing or not but its the only way to describe these photos.



suspension experiment


While I sit here typing this structure is being suspended in this position with thee tables in position and this could be a sleepless night. The tables are stacked to make sure that if it does fall (touch wood it doesn’t) it won’t fall very far. I felt more when I was there watching. This is both exciting and terrifying for me. I’ve started to gain an affinity for this object and although one of the points of this piece is the idea of ‘perpetual perishing’ every material thing has a life span and the idea of it slowly slipping into ruin, crumbling away is part of the work, its part of the idea. However after focusing so much on this piece leaves me with a strong attachment to the thing. Also I’ve gained a sense of achievement on being able to create something which before starting at ECA I wouldn’t have contemplated doing because of the level of difficulty involved so it would be a shame to lose that by finding a pile of rubble. So hears hoping it survives!!!

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