Can we get our materialism back please!

I surprisingly found this quite relatable to my practice. The notion of “Thick things” and “thin objects” is a variation on what I feel I try to make with my architectural sculptures.

I’m referring here to an article I had to read for a seminar relating to adaptation. this was probably the first article I needed to read for the seminars that really felt it could be connected with my work. So much so I went looking for some other sources within the text to explore a little deeper. Instead of this post relating entirely on the text I want to use it to explore briefly the connections I found with my work.

A term connected with materialism… reductionism. I found this out while exploring blogs and articles connected to the phenomenon of materialism. I try to produce accurate works which depict the histories and memories that are contained within the built environment. With in particular structures.
I try to produce ‘thick thins’, I try and provide as much information about a structure as I can to the viewer. It’s very difficult to do this considering the element of time as well. I’m producing a static piece, this can’t show a lifetime of movement but only the result of a lifetime of movement. So in a way my work can be seen as a form of reductionism, well in relation to time. Although since time is a social construct and the notion of the singular moment then perhaps I can in a way encapsulate the “thick thin”  instead of a ‘thin object’. It’s difficult to say with only reflecting on previous work. My current practice that I’m developing at ECA has split my thought process a bit and I’m going down related avenues but I feel its still connected to materialism, after all the basic connection of ‘material’ is a large part of my process of working.


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